Computer Vision SLAM Engineer

Feb 17, 2017

Computer Vision SLAM Engineer


The core of our system is the computer vision algorithms that allow drones to understand the world around them. You’ll work as part of the computer vision R&D team to research and implement computer vision algorithms, focusing on simultaneous mapping and localisation! Specifically you:

  • Have built solutions to open-ended problems
  • Enjoy doing an iterative rapid development and deployment cycle
  • Are excited to take on the most exciting challenge of our generation and help build a meaningful autonomous system
  • Excited to work in a dynamic and fast paced startup environment.

How You'll Make an Impact

  • Work in the fast moving drone industry, designing and implementing real-time computer vision algorithms including: pose estimation, mapping, reconstruction, and tracking.
  • Research and prototype new features and applications for our users.
  • Get involved in all aspects of the software development cycle when needed.

Useful Skills

  • We value the ability to apply mathematics, algorithms and code to real world problems over domain specific experience
  • Have a solid theoretical foundation (PhD in Math, Computer Vision or a related field or an equivalent professional experience).
  • High proficiency in C++ and the skills to get to working solutions quickly.


Proficient (hands-on experience) in at least two of the following subjects:

  • Visual odometry and SLAM
  • Probabilistic inference
  • 3D geometry
  • Optimization for computationally constrained environments


Considered a plus:

  • Understanding and experience with mobile robotics
  • Experience working with ROS and OpenCV
  • Experience working in Linux environments
  • Solid software engineering foundation