Iris Automation Successfully Integrates Collision Avoidance System with Industry Partners

Mar 14, 2017

San Francisco – March 14th, 2017: Iris Automation, in collaboration with industry partners Stratus Aeronautics Inc. and InDro Robotics Inc., successfully integrated two Collision Avoidance Modules onboard industrial UAV systems as part of its Early Adopter Program.

“In our work with first responders, the ability to have Iris on board autonomously scanning the area for possible conflicts adds a vital level of safety and situational awareness to the scene of operation.” Philip Reece, CEO InDro Robotics Inc.

Through the Early Adopter Program, Iris Automation will be testing its state-of-the-art computer vision approach to robust air-to-air UAV collision avoidance alongside UAV manufacturers. InDro Robotics and Stratus Aeronautics are leading Canadian drone companies, tackling diverse applications like emergency first response and mining exploration.

Iris’ first successful integrations on two unique platforms, supported by different autopilot systems, highlight the platform-agnostic approach of the Iris system that will pave the way for safe, Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight drone operations in the near future.

Iris Automation is continuing to seek leading partners in the UAV industry who are committed to the goal of widespread BVLOS drone flight to participate in its Early Adopter Program. Interested companies can sign up for more information online here.