Ground based detect and alert system

Casia G leverages the same AI and computer vision technology pioneered by our onboard systems – but stationary – to detect aircraft as they approach your UAS operation. 

Safety at the core

Protect airspace for uncrewed air vehicles and crewed aircraft to operate safely. Casia G features extremely high detection rates for reliable and predictable performance.

Detect intruder aircraft

Full optical, 360° field of view aircraft detection, classification (small plane, helicopter, drone, etc.) and alerting system

Gain situational awareness

Casia G can be integrated with your existing situational awareness tool to provide your Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC) access to all information from one system

Network for unlimited range

Leverage multiple Casia G nodes in the form of a mesh network to cover large areas and gain additional time to move UAS to safe zones



Range: Multi-node network: Unlimited
Single-node Max Range: 3024m
Single-node Average Range: 2126m

Temp: -10ºC to 50ºC

Weight: 4 kg

Conditions: Daytime Visual Meteorological Conditions

Power: 65W nominal, 70W peak, 12-36V

Mount options: Various (wall, pole, etc.)

Dimensions: 14″L x 11.5″W x 6″H per node

Operational assurance

Never tired, bored, or distracted – Casia G is a ground based surveillance system that continually monitors the airspace to ensure your UAS operation is safe from intruder aircraft.

Performance validated by the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) at Virginia Tech, an FAA-designated UAS Test Site.

Turnkey solution
Installation and maintenance provided by Iris Automation support engineers

Reserves UAS payload
Without the need for onboard safety sensors, UAS power and payload capacity is made available

Scalable operations
Cost-effective with minimal management overhead. RPIC can manage multiple drones and increase the scope and efficiency of operations

Unlimited Coverage
Add additional Casia G nodes to create a larger network of coverage

No FCC approval required
Unlike radar, Casia G is a passive system and does not need an FCC approval

The Casia G ecosystem

See how Casia G is integrated into the Aerieport autonomous remote drone nesting solution from our partners at Volatus Aerospace. Designed to safely facilitate remote missions from anywhere in the world at any time. Aerieport recently secured the first ever approval from Transport Canada for BVLOS drone operations without a visual observer. Learn more >

Casia G is seamlessly integrated into FlytNow, FlytBase’s flagship product, enabling drone operators to conduct fully automated BVLOS operations with drone-in-a-box systems from remote command centers. On the FlytNow cloud-based dashboard, users can view Casia G’s surveillance area, and intruder aircraft details such as position, velocity and classification, ensuring safe, collision-free flights.

Integrated with Kongsberg Geospatial’s IRIS Terminal, specifically tailored for the Casia G sensor, which displays non-cooperative aircraft detections and alerts UAS operators to intrusion into the Casia G surveillance area and can provide a single user interface for a correlated airspace picture.

Data from Casia G systems are now integrated into the OneSky UTM. The integrated technology will empower users with best-of-breed data and analytics to enhance flight safety and provide situational awareness for BVLOS flights all within the OneSky UTM portal. Learn more about this integration and the OneSky Future of Flight program.

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