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What is the WRC?

The Waiver Resource Center is an online tool supported by aviation policy experts providing consulting that manages the BVLOS waiver application process end-to-end for Casia system customers and other organizations looking to fly BVLOS. The WRC provides CAA access to successfully apply for BVLOS while reducing the overall time of approval. Iris Automation’s trusted aviation policy specialists have thousands of man-hours assessing operational risk and establishing compliant BVLOS flight operations with and without a DAA system.


Access to documentation generator suite across key operational aspects including risk assessment (SORA), site assessment, and command and control (C2) analysis resulting in a complete Concept of Operations (CONOP)

Guided workflow and gap analysis, with notifications throughout the waiver lifecycle

Simplifies and streamlines the process, for novices and experts alike. The WRC structures compliant documentation preparation for a faster time of approval

Mission planning recommendations, including BVLOS capable drone (UAS) platforms, additional risk mitigations, training requirements and more

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