Our Impact

Unlocking The Future

Iris Automation is developing collision avoidance technology, allowing drones to see the world like a pilot does. By unlocking safe beyond visual line of sight flights, Iris Automation technology will enable thousands of companies to increase safety and efficiency in their day-to-day work.

TC BVLOS: InDro Robotics & Canada Post

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Package Delivery

UASs are being used worldwide to deliver packages to communities big and small. Common payloads include consumer goods, medical supplies (such as blood), food, industrial equipment and mail. Iris is on board doing drone delivery near you!

First Response

One of the greatest applications of drones for good is saving lives. We fly with emergency service personnel in support of missions such as AED delivery and scene assessment. When seconds count and lives are at stake, a UAS is often the best tool for the job.


UASs are hard at work in fields to survey crops, plant seeds and control pests. Having Iris on board ensures that drones can interact with other aircraft in a safe and responsible manner. Our vision module is designed to be hardy, ready for a life on the farm.

Survey and Inspection

After revolutionizing beyond visual line of sight flight, Iris has been brought on board with companies worldwide to fly high endurance, long range inspection missions. These missions include pipeline, right of way, cell tower and power line infrastructure.


We’re building the future alongside our partners in the construction industry using UASs. From massive heavy lift flying cranes to inspection and security platforms, construction represents a rapidly growing industry for Iris, and we are excited to be on board.


Our partnerships with multiple developers of flying “air taxis” are using our computer vision technology to ensure you get from A to B safely within a network of manned and unmanned aircraft. With Iris on board, your personal aircraft is ready for take off!

Iris Automation Is Ready For Your Next Mission

We’re ready to meet the challenges of your next mission, and push the limits of UAV integration into everyday life. Our goal is to make flying safer, and by working with our partners to develop policy and practices, Iris can enable the use of drones for good.

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