Introducing Casia® 360

Apr 6, 2020

The next evolution of Detect and Avoid technology is here

Iris Automation pioneered the first commercial in-flight collision avoidance safety avionics system for drones. We proved that flying drones industrially beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)–not generally allowed in the U.S.–could be achieved with only an on-board system for collision avoidance and meet FAA requirements for safety. The resulting waiver set a new bar for using drones in ways that benefit our changing society. Today, we are introducing Casia® 360, the next evolution of our technology, which we believe will open a greater range of long distance and automated flight use cases, resulting in new access to goods and data.

Casia 360 is an integrated safety system that autonomously detects and avoids flying objects across a radial 360 degree field of view. Unlike other “connected” approaches to BVLOS, Casia systems are powered by patented computer vision software technology that allows drones to see their surroundings like a pilot on-board and avoid mid-air collisions. The Casia 360 system is composed of low size, weight and power (SWaP) components including a camera array with simultaneous vision in every direction. It is engineered to meet the emerging standards for risk ratios being established by the ASTM (global standards body) for aircraft detection and avoidance.

These capabilities are critical for the future of drone use in essential services like medical delivery, search and rescue, and infrastructure inspection which require industry innovation to ensure safety and security.

Even today, companies with active drone programs know that BVLOS is the only way to scale their operations. In the U.S. utility sector alone, 600,000 miles of electricity transmission lines make traditional inspection and maintenance extremely expensive, and infeasible using manned aircraft or drones limited to visual line of sight. Many leaders understand that they have to transition to BVLOS today to decrease future costs, gain competitive advantage and optimize shareholder value. And regulators are providing approvals now in the U.S., and in other countries including South Africa and Canada.

Learn more about Casia 360 and contact our team to see how Iris Automation can help your business take advantage of BVLOS by reducing risk and meeting regulatory requirements. Heavy demand means that production and fulfillment for Casia 360 is currently on a 2-3 months lead time, so secure yours today.