Casia is the first commercially available computer vision detect-and-avoid solution to enable Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations for autonomous vehicles and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), to truly understand the aviation environment around it as if a pilot were on board.


We use industrial cameras onboard the drone to observe and interpret the world for full situational awareness of the operational environment.

Finding moving aircraft is the first step in developing a safe and robust collision avoidance system.


Our technology processes information about intruder aircraft at lightning speed and our proprietary algorithms make intelligent decisions in real-time. 

From location, heading, and speed, Casia determines the safest course of action to avoid collisions.

Casia is built to be modular, expandable, and upgradable—enabling easy integration and system maintenance.

  • Ultra Low C-SWaP
  • Configurable camera modules
  • Wide power input and protection

With more than one way to integrate, Iris can be added to any drone product.

  • Rugged, self-contained, and seamless plug-and-play
  • Bare board offers flexibility and customization
  • Software-only solution for deep integration and scalability

Built to a standard above consumer electronics, Casia is ready to handle the toughest environments across any industry.

  • Anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Ongoing testing for environmental extremes


Works with unmanned aircraft of all shapes and sizes. Casia is compatible with the most popular commercially available autopilot platforms.


From multi-rotors to fixed wings, and anything in between, the small modular system is easily integrated into your design, whether custom made or off the shelf.

Enjoy the simplicity of plug-and-play integration, and the configurability of an open API.

Casia is now commercially available for Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations.