Safer flight with collision avoidance

safety at the core

protecting airspace for piloted and unpiloted systems

Reliable collision avoidance

Comprehensive software solution


  • 1.38KM detection range for non-cooperative intruder aircraft
  • Compatible with ADS-B for cooperative traffic
  • Full optical situational awareness


  • Real-time aircraft classification through Casia’s proprietary algorithms
  • Intelligent autonomous avoidance by determining location, heading, and speed of intruder aircraft
  • Built to meet emerging regulatory DAA performance standards

  • Powered by cutting edge Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision architecture for industry-leading performance
  • Tools to manage and replay flight data and intruder encounters
  • Configurable device settings to customize behavior for specific mission profiles
  • Ongoing software updates improve performance and capabilities over time

PROVen autonomy

casia onboard




Safety in flight

Confidence for your business

Confidence for your business

  • Safely enable a wide-range of advanced long-distance operations, including Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight
  • Increase mission safety and reduce exposure to risk
  • Equip your flight program with best-in-class safety tools to meet unforeseen challenges of crowded airspace navigation

fly safe with casia

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