Casia X is the first commercially available 360 degree radial computer vision Detect-and-Avoid system for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). As an integrated onboard hardware and software solution, Casia systems are small, light and low power.


Casia enables safe Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations that reduce costs and open new access to goods and data. A wide range of long distance commercial applications are now a reality with Casia onboard.


We use industrial cameras onboard the drone to observe and interpret the world for full situational awareness of the operational environment.

Finding moving aircraft is the first step in developing a safe and robust collision avoidance system.


Our technology immediately processes information about intruder aircraft and our proprietary algorithms make intelligent decisions in real-time. 

From location, heading, and speed, Casia determines the safest course of action to avoid collisions.

The highest level of onboard Detect-and-Avoid capability, with 360 degree radial vision. Designed pursuant to the emerging ASTM standards for performance risk-ratios.

All Casia systems combine ultra lightweight and compact hardware with software that integrates with most industrial drones. See specifications below.


Casia is an ultra low C-SWaP, plug-and-play, modular system. Works with nearly all industrial drones, from multi-rotors to fixed wings, and anything in between. Easy to attach and maintain. Integrates with the most popular commercially available autopilot software. See all integrations.


Built to a standard above consumer electronics, Casia is ready to handle the toughest environments across any industry. Using high-end components like anodized aluminum enclosures, the completely self-contained design is continuously tested at extreme conditions. The electro-optical system is intended to be used in daytime visual meteorological conditions (VMC), including cloudy coverages.

Made in the USA.


All components of the Casia system can be configured to meet your mission needs. Adjustable cameras, module housing options, multiple data interfaces and an open software API afford flexibility.


Casia is commercially available for Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations.