Safer drone operation with intelligent collision avoidance
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The operation of UAVs will not be allowed beyond-line-of-sight without a suitable sense and avoid system
– Various Regulatory Bodies

Pilot Error

Drone pilots are skilled aviators but even they struggle to see and avoid obstacles and aircraft when operating drones at extended range.

Operational Risk

No pilot on board means low situational awareness. This risk is huge and the potential outcomes can be extremely dangerous.

License Difficulties

Not being able to show adequate mitigation of operational risk means regulators are forced to limit drone uses and applications to closed environments.


Collision avoidance for commercial drones. Unlocking beyond visual line of sight.

Computer Vision

The world is a visual place that we’ve built for humans, it makes sense that autonomous robots see the world the way we do. If we trust pilots to fly planes, we can trust robots with complete situational awareness.

Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence is here today: our in-house deep learning technology is cutting edge and built for the avionics industry. We help robots think and make intelligent decisions.

Low Power

Battery life is precious, our passive sensing methods mean low power consumption, leaving your drone’s energy where it’s most needed.

Robust Sensing

Our onboard software accurately tracks and avoids dynamic and static objects, both on the ground, and in the air at short-range and long-range.

Small & Modular

Iris is compatible with drones of any size. Our lightweight, modular, design means Iris fits on almost any drone, custom and commercial.

Committed to the Industry

Here at Iris Automation, we are focused on unlocking the true potential of the industrial drone industry.
That’s why our team is directly involved with regulators and organizations at the forefront of enabling drone technology.

Join the Revolution

We’re growing our team and are really excited about bringing together computer vision experts, control specialists, and visionaries in the robotics field. Our technology is changing the future of this industry as it enables markets and use cases that could otherwise not exist.