Introducing our newest Iris board member⁠—Scott Smith

Jul 16, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve brought Scott Smith on board as an Independent Director to the company board! 

Scott brings a remarkable background to the team and company. He began his career at Lockheed, went on to found his own successful aerospace startup, and was most recently the COO at Iridium–a multi-billion dollar aerospace company that has launched multiple constellations of satellites into orbit. 

At Iridium, he managed the Iridium NEXT initiative, a program to develop, build and launch Iridium’s next-generation satellite constellation. Iridium NEXT recently completed its $3B, 8-year development and launch campaign, with all 75 satellites now successfully operating in orbit.

Along with his deep technical background, Scott brings unmatched aerospace industry know-how, a wealth of experience in scaling companies, and an extensive understanding of working with the FAA. He joins existing board members David Cowan, Alex Harmsen, and James Howard.

Scott is very innovative, thoughtful, and excited about the challenge we’re solving.We’re confident his 40 years of experience managing complex commercial aerospace programs will be invaluable in helping Iris scale to scale globally over the next few years as drones worldwide adopt the Casia technology.

Welcome, Scott!