Launching Iris Automation!

Oct 1, 2015

Iris Automation incorporated and is now officially a registered Canadian corporation! This has already been quite a journey as we are developing software, speaking with potential customers and doing a lot of market research. The idea of building collision avoidance systems for industrial aircraft is gaining a lot of traction and is a clear need in the industry. Such a large market gap is a perfect place for us to be able to use our computer vision and drone expertise to create a world-class company.

Alexander Harmsen will be taking on the CEO role as he leads the charge on vision, company building and being able to bring this product to market. His experience comes from working at companies such as MDA, Airbus, Matternet and even NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. He was recently elected to the Unmanned Systems Canada Board of Directors to push the Behind-Visual-Line-of-Sight agenda and help develop the future of the drone industry.

James Howard will take the lead on technology development as CTO and use his engineering skill-set to push the state of the art in drone technology. Previously an engineer at Boeing, he developed avionics systems for their military drones and was recently involved in building the first four satellites at Spire Global, a pre-eminent space startup out of San Francisco. His experience in Mechatronics Engineering and running his own Server company are core to the Iris Automation team.

Stay tuned for more updates as we change the drone industry forever!