Software Engineer

Feb 17, 2017

Software Engineer


You’ll work as part of the software team to implement the backbone of the Iris system! Specifically you:

  • Have built solutions to open-ended problems
  • Enjoy diving into various software systems and putting out fires wherever they may appear
  • Are excited to take on the most exciting challenge of our generation and help build a meaningful autonomous system
  • Excited to work in a dynamic and fast paced startup environment

How You'll Make an Impact

  • Work with a team of skilled engineers and developers to shape the future of our products
  • Get involved in building out embedded systems and new hardware integrations
  • Build internal tools, customers-facing software and a data collection system
  • Participate in broad design review, helping to select and develop key components and assets

Useful Skills

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Comprehensive knowledge of modern C++ and Python
  • Ability to write clean code with appropriate abstraction boundaries
  • Experience with embedded systems, Linux and hardware interfaces
  • Database management and front-end application development
  • Ability to understand system level design choices and trade-offs
  • GPU & CUDA experience (beneficial)